Australia GBL BDO liquid 96-48-0

GBL (gamma-butyrolactone) and 1,4-BD (1,4-butanediol) are chemicals that are closely related to GHB. They are often known as ‘precursors’ to GHB because they convert to GHB in the body. They are industrially used as a paint stripper or solvent.

BDO local warehouse price

1.Sydney Warehouse

12.5 liters/Box, $1200 USD

MOQ of Picking up: 50liters, $4500 USD

Substance identity
EC / List no.: 202-509-5

CAS no.: 96-48-0

Mol. formula: C4H6O2

Consumer Uses

This substance is used in the following products: washing & cleaning products, adhesives and sealants, coating products, inks and toners, plant protection products, and electrolytes for batteries.
Another release to the environment of this substance is likely to occur from: indoor use as a processing aid, outdoor use as a processing aid, and outdoor use in long-life materials with low release rate (e.g. metal, wooden and plastic construction, and building materials), and indoor use in long-life materials with low release rate (e.g. flooring, furniture, toys, construction materials, curtains, foot-wear, leather products, paper and cardboard products, electronic equipment).


1.Sydney warehouse only capable for one complete origin package,unable to sell quantity less than MOQ.

2.The pick up option only available when the order quantity reach to 50liters.

3.Order quantity less than origin package,will arrange shipping from Hongkong,extra 7 days required,with 100% resend policy.


About the warehouse service

(1)The safe issue of you and our warehouse, it is same important! Our product assist you to make money, we rely on each other.

(2)If you are a big buyer, do you accept your warehouse continuously disclose its address and info to anyone who has poor capacity in business, who only can buy 1g, 1kg?

(3)We must take care of you and our warehouse, so we edit the MOQ of three grades: “Shipping from China”/”Local Express”/”Picking up” service. This three are all no risk!

(4)If you have a certain and continuous order, we can prepare some product for you in advance, negotiate alone.

Most of all, we don’t do this model below: Preparing many product (you bought before) in stock, and sell to anyone, it is equal to we destroy the business of you and let anyone join their business!

Shipping process(Australia)

Step-1: China to Australia, we will clear it by our own company in Australia. 5-9 days. Then keep in warehouse or delivery.

Step-2: Australia warehouse, local Express to you or Picking up, 0-2 days.

Payment method

Bitcion, USDT, Western Union, USD Bank tranfer, Alibaba online order etc.


We have 99% high purity, adequate stock, customized packages

We have various shipping courier to guarantee the most stable and safest delivery

We have rich experience to solve potential customs issue for keep every promises

We have sent many BDO orders to North America, East Europe,especially to Atlantic ,such as Australia,New Zealand


Australia stock BDO tracking whatsapp +86-18062075862
Australia stock BDO tracking whatsapp +86-18062075862

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