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What is Methylamine Hydrochloride?

Methylamine Hydrochloride (DEA List I Chemical) from Spectrum Chemical is a colorless organic solid that has an odor similar to that of fish and is used as an essential part for the synthesis of a wide variety of commercial compounds such as ephedrine, theophylline and other intermediates for a wide range of agricultural chemicals, including herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, biocides, and miticides. Methylamine hydrochloride is also a key ingredient in the synthesis of methamphetamine and is a DEA List I Chemical; regulatory restrictions and approvals do apply.

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SynonymsAminomethane Hydrochloride in stock
CAS NO593-51-1
Molecular FormulaCH5N·HCl
Molecular Weight67.52
Melting point231-233 °C(lit.)
Boiling Point225-230 °C15 mm Hg(lit.)
Flash Point225-230°C/15mm
GradeReagent Grade, Technical Grade, Bio-Tech Grade
SolubilitySoluble in water, absolute alcohol
StorageStore below +30°C.
Packaging and ShippingAluminum foil bag, cartons, plastic contain,drums or as required; By Express, by Air, by Sea according to the Amount.
UsageUsed as intermediate for chemical synthesis and as a laboratory chemical


How to convert BMK powder to oil?Below is just a general description of hydrolysis process

1,1kg powder mix with 1kg warm water (around 80 degrees).
2, put in 1kg hydrochloric acid (HCL 37%) and you will see bubble generated.
3,Stirring the mixture for one hour and then stop.
4,After one more hour you will get oil layer in light yellow color.
5,Use separate funnel to retrieve oil.

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